Comparative Literature Master of Arts Reading List

This Spring, I will read the following 30 texts. I chose them from San Francisco State University, Department of Comparative and World Literature’s Core List

Author Work Period Genre Language Date Geo
1001 Nights 2 Prose fiction Arabic 9th-14th CE Near East
Aristotle Poetic 1 Prose non-fiction Greek 4th BCE Europe
Anon. Song of Roland 2 Epic Old French 12th-13th CE Europe
Dante Inferno 2 Epic Italian 13th CE Europe
Poem of the Cid 2 Epic Spanish 13th CE Europe
Petrarch Selected Poetry 2 Lyric Italian 14th CE Europe
Machiavelli The Prince 3 Prose non-fiction Italian 16th CE Europe
Cervantes Don Quixote (part I) 3 Prose fiction Spanish 16th-17th CE Europe
Calvino Invisible Cities 6 Prose fiction Italian 20th CE Europe
Cavafy Selected Poetry 6 Lyric Greek 20th CE Africa
Chuang Chou Chuang Tzu 1 Prose non-fiction Chinese 4th-3rd BCE East Asia
Sima Qian Records of the Historian 1 Prose non-fiction Chinese 2nd-1st BCE East Asia
Anon. Pancatantra 2 Prose fiction Sanskrit 2nd CE South Asia
Anon. Popol Vuh 3 Epic Quiche Mayan 16th CE Americas
Rubén Darío Azul 5 Lyric/prose fiction Nicaraguan 19th-20th CE Americas
Khayyam Rubaiyat 2 Lyric Persian 10th Near East
Çelebi Book of Travels 3 Prose non-fiction Turkish 17th CE Near East
Neruda Selected Poems 6 Lyric Chilean 20th CE Americas
Anon. Epic of Son Jara 2 Epic Mali 13th-20th CE Africa
Achebe Things Fall Apart 6 Prose fiction (West Africa) Nigerian 20th CE Africa
Ngugi Wizard of the Crow 6 Prose fiction Kikuyu (Kenya) 20th CE Africa
Kemal Mehmed 6 Prose fiction Turkish 20th CE Near East
Anon. Gilgamesh 1 Epic Akkadian Ca. 26th-16th BCE Near East
Anon. Tale of Sinuhe 1 Epic Egyptian Ca. 20th BCE Near East
Anon. Book of Songs 1 Lyric Chinese 10th-7th BCE East Asia
Ghalib Selected Poetry 5 Lyric Urduphone Persian 19th CE South Asia
Tagore Selected Poems 5 Lyric Bengaliphone Indian 19th-20th CE South Asia
Euripides Bacchae 6 Drama Ancient Greek 405 BCE Europe
Mahfouz Palace Walk 6 Prose fiction Egyptian Egyptian Near East
Ferdowsi Shannameh 2 Epic Persian 10th CE Near East

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