The Homework Coach

My primary focus as a homework coach and tutor, is helping students become better organized and improve their time management skills, so that they get ALL of their homework done on time. I spend time communicating with teachers and parents so that everyone is on the same page and knows what needs to be done and when it is due.

Students often tell me that they do not have anything to do. I try to help them see that this is not true. There is always something that they can be doing to become a better student, to learn more, be better prepared for tests and succeed in school.

Waiting until the last minute to finish assignments and study for tests can be stressful. Not getting good grades can be frustrating. Students often rebel against their parents. They don’t think that the parent knows what the student needs to do. I help organize a student’s time and stay on top of to do lists that we create. The result is a better, happier and more productive student and a happier family.